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Reversible air conditioning and
heating solutions

Air-air heat pump

Did you know that a heat pump also cools?

And yes! Contrary to popular belief, air-to-air heat pumps use outside air, a renewable and unlimited source of energy, to efficiently heat and cool your home all year round.

Wall range

The compact and silent wall-mounted air conditioner fits discreetly into your home.


Reversible air conditioner

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Reversible air conditioner

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Reversible air conditioner

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Console range

As space-saving as a traditional radiator, the console air conditioner offers very good performance levels.


Reversible air conditioner

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Built-in range

Opt for the ultimate home air-conditioning solution, completely invisible and economical.


Reversible air conditioner

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Mobile range

An additional air conditioning solution that can be installed in any room in the home.


Additional air conditioning

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Air-water heat pump

Monobloc version

To heat and cool your home, but also to produce hot water. Simplified installation, entirely outdoors.

Wellea Monobloc

Heat pump

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Split version

To heat and cool your home, but also to produce hot water. Installation in 2 parts: indoor and outdoor. No risk of freezing. Allows for optimised performance

Wellea Split

Heat pump

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What is the difference
between Monobloc
and Split?

Both types of heat pump perform the same functions. The Monobloc version is simpler and more economical to install, without any modules to be mounted inside. The Split version is more suitable for extreme sub-zero temperatures in winter and provides a slightly better performance.

Domestic Hot Water & Ventilation

Did you say thermodynamics?

A thermodynamic water heater includes a heat pump, in addition to an electrical resistance mechanism. It therefore recovers calories naturally present in the air to heat the water in the tank. Nothing could be more economical... and ecological!

Hot water tank

A thermodynamic tank to save energy all year round.


Thermodynamic water heaters

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Hybrid double flow

Breathe fresh air thanks to our Airflow hybrid ventilation system.



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