Just feel well, the art of
feeling good at home

Create and enhance your well-being:
our commitment for 75 years


Harmonia, your air conditioner
with integrated air ioniser

Discover the new Airwell range! Healthier air
throughout the house in both winter and summer


Wellea Split, your all-in-1
heat pump

Heat, cool and produce hot water
with renewable energy


Aura, your reversible and ecological

Optimal comfort for a cosy night's sleep
in winter and summer

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in winter as summer

Hybrid House, the all-in-1 connected
solution from Airwell

With Airwell’s AirHome smartphone application, your home can be connected. Manage the temperature of each of your rooms and your various appliances while optimising your budget.

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Increase living comfort while protecting our planet,
such is the Airwell ambition

Since 1947, Airwell has been a french expert and creator of thermal solutions, giving you the power to enjoy optimal comfort adapted to your needs, while limiting the ecological and economic impact of your home or enterprise. Discover our unique range of high-performance, energy-efficient products.

Clean air

Thermal comfort

Acoustic comfort

Energy efficiency

Home automation

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comfort at home

New DEP, what are the impacts on your property?

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The objective of the 3rd version of the DEP is to make the energy consumption and the energy bill of dwellings more readable and to collect more precise data.

World Climate Day, how to act ?

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Knowing how to regulate your air conditioner is important in order to keep yourself comfortable and optimise energy consumption.

A heat pump, an ecological solution ?

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It aims to rethink energy consumption from production to consumption. Find out how to act and what is at stake in this transition.

What does the eco energy label mean ?

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The purpose of the energy label is to make consumers aware of their heating appliances.

Decorative inspirations

Who said air conditioning isn’t aesthetically pleasing ?

Discover our decorating ideas for
interiors that are a delight to live in.

My air conditioning
and heating

What do you need today?


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Making savings

I want to save energy in my home

Invisible solution

I want to install an invisible air conditioning system

Energy-efficient solutions

All our research and development efforts are geared towards reducing our energy impact in order to meet ecological demands.

Energy labels

Given the abundance of energy labels and regulatory certifications, it is often difficult to find your way around. Airwell can decipher all this…